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Why us?

Every child has a unique way and style of learning that works for them. 

Our Learning Pods are small groups of 4, to ensure safety,

and that each student receives their required amount of attention to succeed.

For Families

Create a Free Account

Make this yours. Add a profile picture, your name, & email.

Browse the Available Pods

Head over to the 'Explore Pods' page & find a Pod with your required specifics.

Join & Connect

Once you find a Learning Pod that works, you can instantly Join the Pod! Then head over to your 'My Pods' page and Chat with the rest of the Pod.

Share your Pod

Share with your social media accounts to grow your Pod to 4 students from your local area. Then start learning!

For Pod Leader Applicants

Submit an Application

Fill out the application and once you hit submit, it won't take long for us to get back to you!

Follow Up

After we review your application, we will follow up with an interview in order to get to know you further.

Create Your Pod

Once you finish the review process, we will create a Learning Pod local to your area & launch on our site!

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