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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I enrolling in Learning Pods as a school?
No. Learning Pods is not a school. Elementary students remain enrolled in another school and choose the option of remote learning. While they are with their Learning Pod, students will follow the guidelines of their school’s Distance Learning plan in addition to Learning Pods’ project-based curriculum.
Can my child enroll for 1-3 days per week?
At this time, Learning Pods are designed to provide a consistent school-like environment and will run 5 days a week Monday - Friday.
How do I apply and form a pod?

Each family submits an online application. If you already have a group of 3 - 9 people selected for your Pod you will be asked to name these people on the application. The application process will determine the academic levels of the children, the number of people you would like in your Pod, and your household’s COVID risk profile. Once your Pod has formed, we will work with your Pod to discuss and agree on Pod protocols, COVID safety considerations, and action plans for various scenarios. Once every Pod participant has signed the social contract (“The Pod Accords”), there is a 6-8 week lead time before your Pod will start meeting.

Is there a sibling discount?


What’s the minimum commitment we need to start a pod?

To balance flexibility for our families with job stability for our teachers, we are asking families to commit to a minimum of one term. A pod can start at any time during the year, and we prorate the tuition to reflect the start date. Pods that enroll for the full 10-month academic year, however, are priced 10% less than Pods meeting for a shorter duration. Fall Term: Sep 14 - Jan 29 Spring Term: Feb 1 - Jun 17 (deadline for Term 2 enrollment: Fri, Nov 13) For Pods starting after November 1, families will need to enroll through the end of the school year or June 17, 2021.

When do you need a commitment by?

Pods may start at any time during the year. We will start Pods on a rolling basis, but we require a lead time of 6-8 weeks in order to hire and properly train teachers. To initiate your teacher search, your pod must be formed with a signed Pod Accord and 10% deposits paid.

Can you help me find a pod or help me find additional members for my pod?

We are happy to make introductions to families seeking Pods or Pod members. With your consent, we will share your contact details with prospective Pod members in your area with similar COVID risk levels and with children of similar grades.

Do you have written guidelines for the commitments that parents need to make about social distancing etc.?

There will be a social contract for each Pod, which will include protocols to be determined by the participants in the pod. This may include things like temperature checks, mask-wearing, disclosure of illnesses in the household or travel to certain areas as well as action plans for various scenarios.

What are the pod services?

We facilitate the formation of your Pod and Pod protocols: 

   - Make introductions to families with similar profiles and educational needs in your area

   - Consult with families to formalize protocols and action plans

   - Find, hire and train your Pod Teacher

   - Guide the preparation of the in-home classroom space

We support you while you are in the Pod:

   - Provide curriculum and guidance to Pod teachers through a dedicated team.

   - Regular formative assessments of core academic skills.

   - Manage teachers

   - Provide teacher oversight, support, and mentoring with site visits, weekly teacher meetings for planning and professional development, and teacher mentors.

   - Provide parent education: Zoom lectures around education, child development, the science of learning, social, emotional learning, etc.

What age/grade students will you serve?

   - Students ages 3 and 4 can attend a preschool program from 9 AM - 11:45 AM.

   - Students ages 5 - 10 (Grades K - 5) can attend an elementary program from 9AM - 2PM.

   - We may be able to accept 5th graders on a case by case basis.

How many grades should a pod span?

The age/grade span of a Pod depends on the ages, dispositions, and learning styles of the children. We recommend a Pod to span 2-grade levels, but there are certain age ranges (e.g., Pre-K - 1st grade)

where this grouping is not conducive to optimal learning for the different stages of development.

Will we receive a transcript from the pod?

At the end of a student’s time in the Pod, you will receive the student’s transcript.

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